teachPress is a plugin for WordPress (3.9.0 or higher) which unites a course management system and a powerful BibTeX compatible publication management. teachPress is optimized for the needs of professorships and research groups. It’s published under the terms of GPL. You can download the latest version from the wordpress plugin directory.

General features:

  • Powerful BibTeX compatible publication management
  • Course management with modules for enrollments, assessments and documents
  • XLS/CSV export for course lists
  • BibTeX import/export for publications
  • RSS feeds for publication lists
  • Shortcodes for easy using in posts and pages
  • Widget for displaying books in the sidebar

Available languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian (o)
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (o)
  • Slovak (o)
  • Slovenian (o)
  • Spanish

(o) Incomplete language files

You will see teachPress in action? See here:

If you have more questions about teachPress or you have found a bug, then leave a comment or contact me.

Download teachpress 5.0.17


  • Download the plugin from wordpress.org.
  • Extract all the files.
  • Upload everything (keeping the directory structure) to your plugin directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‚plugins‘ menu in WordPress.


teachPress general settings

Under „Settings->teachpress“ you will find the teachPress setup page with the areas: general, courses and publications.

Deactivating some plugin parts.

If you want to use only the course or the publication system of the plugin, so write the following in the wp-config.php of your WordPress installation:

// For deactivating the course system:
define ('TEACHPRESS_COURSE_MODULE','disable');
// For deactivating the publication system:

Guides & Docs

Currently I work on some guides and documents, which explain the using of teachPress a bit. So, here are the first results:

Translate the plugin

If you’re interested to help me to translate the plugin into other languages, then you can use the fantastic Codestyling Localization Plugin. You can also use poEdit. The usage of this tool is similar to translating WordPress with poEdit. If you are finished, send the .po file to me and I’ll upload them to share it with the next release. Please send me with the file:

  • A name / website I should place as credit note (if you like it)
  • A confirmation that you are agree to license the translation under GPL.