Use this shortcode, if you want to show an interactive list of publications with filters and a tag cloud in a post or page.


user (optional)

(integer) The IDs of the authors their publications you want to show (separated by comma).

type (optional)

(integer) The publication types for publications you want to show (separated by comma).

author (optional)

(string)  If you want to display only publications of one or more authors, so set here the IDs of the authors (separated by comma).

exclude (optional)

(integer) One or more IDs of publications (separate by comma) you don’t want to show.

order (optional)

(string) The order clause for publications. Default is date DESC. Possible values: bibtex, title, type, year.


[tpcloud order="title ASC"]

[tpcloud order="type ASC, title ASC"]

headline (optional)

(integer) You can set the following options for the headlines within the publication list:

  • headline=“0″: Disable headlines
  • headline=“1″ (default): For years like 2011, 2010, 2009.
  • headline=“2″: For publication types like articles, books, inproceedings
  • headline=“3″: For headlines grouped by year then by type
  • headline=“4″: For headlines grouped by type then by year

Please note, that if you set headline=“2″, the order parameter will be ignored.

minsize (optional)

(integer) Min. font size for the words in the tag cloud in px. Default is 11.

maxsize (optional)

(integer) Max. font size for the words in the tag cloud in px. Default is 35.

tag_limit (optional)

(integer) Number of tags in the tag cloud. Default is 50.

hide_tags (optional)

(string) The IDs of the tags you want to hide (separated by comma). This has no influence of the selection of publications.

exclude_tags (optional)

(string) This parameter is similar to hide_tags but has an influence on publications. If exclude_tags is defined hide_tags will be ignored.

image (optional)

(string) Set the image position: left, right or bottom. Default is none (No images displaying).

image_size (optinal)

(integer) Maximum size of an image in px. Default is 0. Use this only together with the „image“-parameter.

anchor (optional)

(integer) If you want to use HTML-Anchor for the Tag-Links (anchor = „1″) or not (anchor=“0″). Default is 1.

author_name (optional)

(string) Define the style of the author names. The possible styles are simple, old, last or initials. Default is last.

Examples: If you have the name: Ludwig C. van der Vaart

The output is the following:

simple --> Ludwig C. van der Vaart

old --> Vaart, Ludwig C. van der

last --> van der Vaart, Ludwig

initials --> van der Vaart, Ludwig C

editor_name (optional)

(string) Define the style of the editor names. The possible styles are simple, old, last or initials. Default is last. The usage is similar to author_name.

style (optional)

(string) Define the style of your publication list. The possible styles are:

  • std (default): 4-line-style
  • simple: 1-line-style
  • numbered: 1-line-style with numbered publication list, number is ascending
  • numbered_desc: 1-line-style with numbered publication list, number is descending
  • std_num: 4-line-style with numbered publication list, number is ascending
  • std_num_desc: 4-line-style with numbered publication list, number is descending

Please note that the styles are only basics, which you can adjust on your theme.

link_style (optional)

(string) The style of publication links. The possible styles are:

  • inline (default): The title of the publication is a link which opens an info box.
  • images: All links will be direct displayed as little icons behind the publication.
  • direct: The title of the publication opens the first link. All links are visible in the info box.

date_format (optional)

(string) This parameter defines the format for dates and is used for some publication types (presentation,online). Default is d.m.Y. For possible values have a look to the documentation of PHP’s date funciton.

pagination (optional)

(integer) Activate pagination (1) or not (0). Default is 1.

entries_per_page (optional)

(integer) Number of publications per page (pagination must be set to 1). Default is 30.

sort_list (optional)

(string) A list of publication types (separated by comma) which overwrites the default sort order for headline = 2. Please note, that sort_list is not compatible with the pagination function. If you use sort_order, set pagination=“0″.

show_tags_as (optional)

(string) Defines the style of the tag filter. You can choice between cloud, pulldown or none. Default is cloud.

container_suffix (optional)

(string) A suffix which can optionally set to modify container IDs in publication lists. It’s not set by default.


A publication list with images:

[tpcloud image="left" image_size="60"]

A list with an other author name style:

[tpcloud author_name="last"]

A list of a single author (WordPress user-ID: 15) with some changes on the tag cloud:

[tpcloud user="15" maxsize="40" minsize="10" tag_limit="100"]

A list of publications with a custom sort order for publication types:

[tpcloud headline="2" sort_list="book, inbook, incollection, article, inproceedings, techreport, misc, presentation, mastersthesis, unpublished" pagination="0"]


  • Since: 2.0.0
  • 2.0.11: Parameter author_names added
  • 2.0.12: Parameter editor_names added
  • 2.2.0: Parameters order and type added
  • 3.0.0: Parameter headline added / Paramter id renamed to user
  • 3.1.0: Parameters link_style and exclude added
  • 4.0.0: Parameter date_format added / Third style option (numbered) added
  • 4.2.0: Parameter hide_tags added / Fourth style option(numbereed_desc) added
  • 4.2.1: Style options „std_num“ and „std_num_desc“ added
  • 4.3.0: Parameter „limit“ is now „tag_limit“ / New parameters „pagination“, „entries_per_page“ and „sort_list“ added
  • 4.3.2: New parameter „exclude_tags“ added
  • 4.3.3: New headline option (headline=“4″) added
  • 4.3.5: New link style option (link_style=“direct“) added
  • 5.0.0: New parameter „show_tags_as“ added; Pagination is active by default
  • 5.0.2: New parameter „container_suffix“ added
  • 5.0.15: New parameter „author“ added