This article summarizes some important information for upgrades of an existing teachPress installation to version 5.0.

General information and instructions

  • teachPress 5.0 requires at least WordPress 3.9 instead of 3.3.
  • Save your database before upgrading to teachPress 5.0.
  • Make sure that all your publication entries using the following format for author and editor names: „firstname1 lastname1 and firstname2 lastname2“. Example: John M. Keynes and Adam Smith. Comma separation leads to problems with the new author filter.

Static database names

With teachPress 5.0 you can overwrite the database names completely without changing the code. For that you can define the following in your wp-config.php (For example, if your prefix is „wp_“):

define('TEACHPRESS_REL_PUB_AUTH', 'wp_teachpress_rel_pub_auth');
define('TEACHPRESS_AUTHORS', 'wp_teachpress_authors');
define('TEACHPRESS_USER', 'wp_teachpress_user');
define('TEACHPRESS_RELATION', 'wp_teachpress_relation');
define('TEACHPRESS_TAGS', 'wp_teachpress_tags');
define('TEACHPRESS_PUB_META', 'wp_teachpress_pub_meta');
define('TEACHPRESS_PUB', 'wp_teachpress_pub');
define('TEACHPRESS_SETTINGS', 'wp_teachpress_settings');
define('TEACHPRESS_SIGNUP', 'wp_teachpress_signup');
define('TEACHPRESS_COURSE_DOCUMENTS', 'wp_teachpress_course_documents');
define('TEACHPRESS_COURSE_CAPABILITES', 'wp_teachpress_course_capabilites');
define('TEACHPRESS_COURSE_META', 'wp_teachpress_course_meta');
define('TEACHPRESS_COURSES', 'wp_teachpress_courses');
define('TEACHPRESS_STUD_META', 'wp_teachpress_stud_meta');
define('TEACHPRESS_STUD', 'wp_teachpress_stud');
define('TEACHPRESS_ASSESSMENTS', 'wp_teachpress_assessments');
define('TEACHPRESS_ARTEFACTS', 'wp_teachpress_artefacts');

If you have defined the database names manually (e.g. for a multisite installation), make sure that you have defined the parameters correctly before you update teachPress.

Module disabling

The parameters for module disabling were renamed. Please use now the following parameters in your wp-config.php:

// For deactivating the course module:
// For deactivating the publication module:

Deprecated functions

The following functions are deprecated:

get_tp_course(), get_tp_courses(), get_tp_course_free_places(), get_tp_tags(), get_tp_tag_cloud(), get_tp_publication(), get_tp_publications(), tp_is_user_subscribed(), tp_check_bookmark(), tp_admin_page_menu()

Deprecated shortcodes

The shortcode [tpdate] is deprecated. Please use [tpcoursedate] instead.

Editable time limit

If you have problems with PHP time outs, you can now try to set a longer php time limit for exports and imports. For this, you can use the constant TEACHPRESS_TIME_LIMIT.