I’m really proud to announce that teachPress 5.0 „Cranberry Pie“ is now available on wordpress.org. It’s the most complex and powerful version of the plugin and a big step for teachPress‘ transformation into a modern Micro-LMS for the needs of professorships, research groups and single scientists. In this context document, assessment and capability management were added for the course module.

The publication module comes with a real author filter and an autocomplete function for author/editor fields in the admin UI. In addition teachPress supports now DOI numbers and you can direct export .bib files for selected publications. Furthermore the plugin supports now an easy management (adding, editing, deleting) of custom meta data for courses, students and publications. And last but not least a tinyMCE 4 plugin for inserting shortcodes and documents is added.

You can find a list of all changes in the changelog. Please note, that the plugin requires now at least WordPress 3.9 instead of 3.3. Please read the upgrade information before you upgrade your installation. In addition to the WordPress plugin repository, teachPress is now also available on github. I want to publish some more guides and information about teachPress 5.0 in the next days and weeks.