I’ve finished the work on the most of the new features and the new core system. So, I think it’s a good time for a public preview. You can download the current beta version via wordpress.org and follow the development via GitHub. Questions, comments, bug reports are welcome!

Please note, that I not recommend to use this version on productive sites. It’s also not possible to use older versions parallel to this beta version.

Let’s have a quick look to the cool new features.

Publication management improvements

For all publication lists a real author filter is added. The old filter is now declared as user filter.


With a new parameter for [tpcloud] called „show_tags_as“, you can now choice between a tag cloud or a pulldown menu filter for tags.



Further changes:

  • DOI field for publications,
  • Autocomplete for authors/editors in admin UI,
  • Direct .bib export for selected publications (via „Show as BibTeX entry“),
  • Option for converting utf-8 chars into BibTeX compatible ASCII strings.
  • [tpcloud, tplist]: Pagination is enabled by default, the parameter entries_per_page is set to 50 (before: 30)

Course Management improvements

Document management: Upload and manage course documents outside of the normal WordPress media library and in a separate directory. The plugin supports adding, editing, sorting and deleting of documents simple via drag & drop.


Assessment management: Manage course results or assessments for all of your registered students directly in teachPress.


Simple capability management: Define which users have an access to your course, simple and quick.


Further changes:

  • Direct creation of related content based on drafts: You can now add new related content (post, page, …) for a course based on drafts. For the drafts, you can use course shortcodes like [tpcoursedate [course_id]] or [tpcoursedocs [course_id]]. With that, the plugin automatically sets the correct course ID, if you create new content based on the drafts.
  • Direct creation of sub courses: If you create a new course, you can define how many sub courses you need, which type and how many free places they should have.
  • New shortcodes: [tpcoursedate], [tpcoursedocs]
  • The shortcode [tpdate] is deprecated. Please use [tpcoursedate] instead.

General changes and improvements:

A new tinyMCE 4 plugin for inserting shortcodes and documents is added.


Further changes:

  • The plugin supports an easy management (adding, editing, deleting) of custom meta data for courses, students and publications.
  • Editable time limit for exports and uploads added (constant TEACHPRESS_TIME_LIMIT).
  • Using „required“ attribute for required fields in registration forms
  • Using parameters instead of variables for the definition of database table names
  • Visible names for some publication types changed
  • The plugin requires at least WordPress 3.9 instead of 3.3
  • The following functions are deprecated: get_tp_course(), get_tp_courses(), get_tp_course_free_places(), get_tp_tags(), get_tp_tag_cloud(), get_tp_publication(), get_tp_publications(), tp_is_user_subscribed(), tp_check_bookmark(), tp_admin_page_menu()