I’m happy to announce that the next generation of teachPress is ready for testing. I’ve added a new shortcode called „tpsearch“ which is an easy to use search function for publications. It’s the first shortcode of the plugin which is using pagination. There is also a third style option for the publication shortcodes (tpcloud, tplist, tpsearch) called „numbered“ which enables numbered publication lists. Furthermore I’ve enhanced the BibTeX system. So you can use two new publication types (collection, online) which are adapted from BibLaTeX.

One of the most optical changes you will find in the new single course overview: Now you can add, delete and move signups directly and you can change the sort order of signups. In Addition you can also move signups to releated courses.

The third big change is a bundle of new functions which allows you the usage of course and publication data in other plugins or themes.

In Addition here is a list of all other changes:

  • Automatic permalink detection added for some shortcodes (Replaces the old permalink option in the teachpress settings)
  • Improved BibTeX import
  • Improved RSS feed generation
  • Support for multisite installations added
  • „include“ parameter added for tplist
  • Menu „Add manually“ removed
  • Some UI improvements
  • Important: „id“ parameter for tpcloud removed – please use „user“ instead

If you have found bugs or you would like to suggest improvements, please leave a comment 😉

teachPress 3.1.10

I recommend for all users of 3.1.x versions an update to 3.1.10, which is the last release of this series. This update fix the following problems in comparisation to the last official version:

  • Year was not displayed in a string which was generated by tpsingle
  • Fixed a bug with the year filter of tplist
  • Fixed a bug in bibtex implementation –> name is now a title
  • Fixed a small bug in show_courses.php (variable declaration)

Download teachpress 4.0.0 beta Download teachPress 3.1.10

Please use the beta version only for testing!