I’m happy to announce that teachPress 3.1 is now available. It’s the 10th major version since teachPress is Open Source. This release features a bundle of detail improvements which makes it easier to work with the plugin.

New options for publications

One of the most wished features was the multiple adding of files to a publication. I’ve already wrote that this will be introduced with teachPress 3.1. New is that there will be two options for displaying files/links in your publication lists. The standard version is a collapsable box (looks like the bibtex entry; by the way: abstracts are now visible in the same way). With the second one you see your files/links directly at the end of the entry as small images.

More funtions for publications: multiple files/links and abtracts
More funtions for publications: multiple files/links and abtracts

Furthermore there are some new options for the shortcodes. You can now exclude publications from your lists and it’s possible to select more than one publication type ([tplist] shortcode).

UI Improvements

Autocomplete for tags
Autocomplete for tags

The admin menu receives a autocomplete for adding tags to a publication, resizable textareas for Opera and IE users and better publication overviews with the same quicklinks which you already know from the course overview.

In the import dialog you can now select different author/editor formats (at the beginning only second, but it’s a first step) and for publications the media library import supports multiple adding of files.

Under the hood

The subscribe/unsubscribe functions of the enrollment system has become a complete rewrite. This was necessary to enhance the security at parallel processing. Therefore teachPress is now using transactions and InnoDB as default storage engine. (If teachPress is running under MyISAM at your installation, the update changed it automatically for teachPress tables.) In addition teachPress 3.1 fixes eight known bugs; two in context with the BibTeX import.

Known Issues

If you are using the Internet Explorer the multiple file import doesn’t add new URLs on cursor position but on the end of the text. The problem is a wrong return of document.selection.createRange. Maybe anybody has an idea to fix it?