Six months after the last release I’ve finished teachPress 3.0 which is now available for download. The focus for this release was a cleanup and rewrite of the source code. Please note that with this version the plugin requires at least WordPress 3.3. But now, let’s have a look to the cool new features:

Displaying Publications

I’ve written a new publication display system (BibTeX + HTML) which brings some improvements in contrast to the old one. The BibTeX output includes now keywords/tags which also considered by the import system. An other improvement is a new option for displaying publications: It’s now possible to group a publication list by the type and not by the year. All what you have to do for this is, is to change the „headline“ parameter. (Check the shortcode reference for more)

E-Mails Functions

One new feature for the enrollment system are e-mail notifications. After the course registration, the user will now receive an e-mail automatically.

In the past it was problematic to write all participants of a course a simple e-mail because the „mailto“-function of HTML can only transmit a limited number of addresses. With teachPress 3.0 you can now writing plain text e-mails directly without clients like Thunderbird (But currently without attachments – that’s one of the goals for the future).

Exporting Publications

With teachPress 3.0 you can export all publications or all publications of an author with a single click. For this you can choose between a txt- or a rtf-file format. The first includes BibTeX codes the second normal pre formatted text.

Style Issues

The teachPress help now is using the new WordPress help tabs and the style of the admin menus is more adapted to WordPress 3.3. In addition I’ve redesigned the datepicker.